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Studio II Salon & Spa Denise came to Studio II about 4 years ago. She had crazy tight curls and lots of frizz. We did a color correct and Brazilian Blowout. Now she comes in twice a year for her Brazilian Blowout treatment to keep her locks shiny and frizz free. Treatments can be customized to reduce curl or keep your curl, and just reduce frizz. Amazing!
Artist: Enza
Studio II Salon & Spa
Studio II Salon & Spa
Lia's homecoming hair! Hoco hair! Done by our stylist, Enza
Pretty proud moment for me!
Nailpro Me 😂😂😂 @trendy_talons is a #SAVAGE 😂🤓😂
Gym selfie!!! 😂😂😂😂 Such a cliché, but Lia and I are working hard to get fit and healthy... We'll keep you posted!
Some pictures of our new salon! Our new location! Let us give you a tour of our beautiful new facility! We now offer massage, as well as esthetician services!
Studio II Salon & Spa
Can't wait to tell you!! Are you excited yet?! Keep watching!!!
Studio II Salon & Spa Shhh...We can hardly keep it a secret, it's so exciting! Keep watching this page for BIG news dropping soon!!!
Keep watching this page for exciting news dropping about our salon!!! You won't want to miss this!
MOOD CHANGING Dip acrylic! Featuring @revelnail color Bianca (formerly called Monoceros). One of several colors we carry at Studio II Salon!

#revelnail #revelution #dippowdernails #enzatg #studioiisalon #moodchangingnails #acrylicnails #rnbianca
Peggy came in and wanted some spring flowers to brighten up winter, so here are her handpainted Shellac® nails. Think spring!
#cndshellac #cnd #licensedtocreate #gowithapro #enzatg #flowernails
Ombré Shellac® for Hailee's black-tie event Saturday!

#licensedtocreate #enzatg #cnd #cndshellac #ombrenails #gowithapro #naturalnails
Spoiler alert: Happy resolution in comments
The cold hard truth about color removal? It isn't always possible. At least, not in one appointment. And many don't want to wait through the the ugly transition colors to reach the amazing icy blonde color they found on Instagram or Pinterest. So what's a girl to do? See photos in comments for the happily ever after to this color conundrum!
Introductory price won't last much longer! Right now, only $35!!

#enzatg #revel #artisticnaildesign #studioiisalon
It's not too late to make your holiday appointment! Openings still available with me for nails and hair!! Call 586-792-9200 today
Amazing new product! Come see me! Now available for a limited time introductory price! $35 for a full set of the newest thing out there! Dip powder acrylics available in many shades and ombre( ombre does have an additional charge of $10) book your appointment today! (586)792-9200
Hair! Nails! Waxing! The holidays are coming!!! Are you ready?
Call for your next brow appointment! 586-792-9200
On order and available soon! Call to get your claws back-to-school ready 586-792-9200
Absolutely no filter... None needed! After about 6 hours of removing layers of old color (thank you, Bond Ultim8!) and layering the new colors in, here's the final product.
#pravana #pravanavivids #joicointensity #joico #matrixcolor #bondultim8 #behindthechair #LicensedToCreate
Long, but fun day at the salon Saturday. More pics to follow!
#pravanavivids #matrixlightmaster #bondultim8 #joico #joicointensity #LicensedToCreate #haircolor #cosmoprofbeauty
Inspired by Pinterest, these fun, neon summer nails remind me of stained glass.
#gowithapro #LicensedToCreate #cndworld #shellac #handpaintednailart
So these beauts are my own claws, prepped and ready for a trip to Florida (which was last month, but disregard the tardiness in posting). Golden Girls, eat your hearts out! Shellac® featuring handpainted flowers and chameleon flake glitter 🌸

#LicensedToCreate #shellac #cndworld #nailart #enzatg
Look at that! Finally remembered to get a hair picture up! 😶 So this lovely client came in with reddish brown box color on all but 5 inches of new growth. We lightened her color to a lovely ombre, then darkened her roots and added vibrant pink. Fun stuff!
#LicensedToCreate #matrix #pravana #pravanavivids #matrixlightmaster #matrixcolor #bondultim8
These were another Pin-spiration for Carin, only I apologize that I don't have a nail artist to reference. If you recognize these nails, please let me know the artist so I can give kudos! Shellac® on natural nails with handpainted daisies.

#cndgowithapro #shellac #cndshellacnailart #cndshellacmanicure #nailart #notd #dailynail #instanail #nailsoftheday
I'm a slacker... Many apologies to those who are still following me for being absent lately! Here's a beauty that my other favorite canvas, Carin, brought in for me to recreate. Inspired by nail art from Nails Ink Inc, it's Shellac ® with handpainted butterflies 😊

#cndworld #cndgowithapro #shellac #cndshellacnailart #cndshellacmanicure #nailart #notd #dailynail #instanail #nailsoftheday #nailsofinstagram #butterflies #glitter #summernails
I've been slacking, and forgot to post these cute St. Paddy's Day nails I did a few weeks ago on my favorite canvas, Hailee 😆 Fun stuff! Foil and glitter over Shellac®
Hailee requested some Red Wings nails for the game last week. I wasn't sure if I could pull off the logo, but Hailee had faith 😉 Artiglio Glitter's 'Sally' for the chrome effect nails, and handpainted nail art in Shellac®
So true 😭/😂 ;)
- Behindthechair.com
Another amazing chrome effect powder from the Artiglio Reflections collection ~ 'Shelly' over Black Pool Shellac®
I've been slacking in my postings lately. Here's a gorgeous new shade from the New Wave collection from CND ~ Ecstasy Shellac®
Nails by Toni Gomez A great explanation of what gel nails and gel look like. Educate yourself so you know what you're paying for! 😊 Something you should know before getting your nails done

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