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Nailed It HARD
[06/24/20]   Who wants to have a fun seductive story time? We will keep it going with each person finishing the sentence before their comment....
[06/04/20]   When first meeting someone what's the first thing you notice?

I'm a bicep kinda girl
[05/26/20]   With being stuck inside what state are you in and what's the first thing you notice on someone? Booty? Boobs? Smile?
[04/21/20]   Since we're quarantined what is one fantasy you'd like to have fulfilled when we go back to the normal? Let's share our fantasies
[01/02/19]   Post sexy selfies from the New year here!!!
[06/18/18]   Brighten everyone's day post the 5th picture no matter what it is. 1.... 2..... 3..... Goooo!!!!
[05/15/18]   What's the craziest thing you've ever been caught doing by your significant other?
[08/19/17]   Any fun plans this weekend?
[07/17/17]   Any fun adult plans this weekend or maybe during this week?
[07/12/17]   What's your favorite position and why?
[07/09/17]   Sorry for the delay in doing this post but what's something you've done that you guarantee none of your friends have done :/ your friends list?

Ready set go!
[11/22/16]   What's everyone's plans for this holiday weekend? Comment below please!
[10/05/16]   What is the sexiest thing that your girl has ever surprised you with?
[09/20/16]   Who wants to have some fun? It is raining here how is the weather where you guys are at?
[09/14/16]   Lets play a game and have some fun on this wonderful HUMP DAY!
[09/07/16]   What's one of the craziest things that you've ever done sexually while in public? If I get 5 likes I will reveal story as well!

Let's have some FUN!!!!!!!!
[09/07/16]   Anyone open to a nudist party? If so comment below with a number of how many people would come with you! I'm trying to get a adult party situated And let's have some fun!
[09/07/16]   What are your thoughts on an open relationship? Please comment below with what you think about it!
[09/06/16]   Why wants to play a little game?
[09/02/16]   Where's all the single ladies at on here? Comment age and location!
[08/31/16]   If you were to come home and find your significant other laying in the bed with only a tie wrapped around there neck and a set of hand cuffs on the edge of the bed what would you do?........

Nothing will not be aloud we are adults and do not HOLD BACK!!!!!!

Nailed It HARD

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