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I received a new box of gel polish by Beetles, from my beautiful friend Nubia. There were 6 coordinating colors, the one I didn’t use was white. I love these colors! Don’t judge, we all know how hard I struggle to do my owns nails 🤣
Merry Christmas!
Not quite ready for Christmas but still needed some sparkle!
Mrs. Hippies Nails
These are fun. 2nd set like this. Better this time around.

Teresa Peretto-Tarif always keeping me challenged!
Happy St Paddy’s day!
Valentines 💖💜💕
[12/13/19]   Christmas time!!! Make your appt now!
Let Freedom Ring 🇺🇸
St. Patricks Day is gonna be here soon!
A little Christmas fun!!
Merry Christmas!
When tomorrow is your first day at a new job and your scrubs are royal blue!
Some halloween fun!
Valentine Nails!
Pretty navy blue with a nude accent nail! very pretty to celebrate her birthday!
My last Santa nails of the year! Time to book your New Years nails!
If you need your Christmas nails done let me know ASAP!!!

Gel Polish $20 and pedicures $20!!!
[11/28/17]   Tis the season!!!! It’s time to get your nail appointment scheduled! $20 for a gel polish manicure, $20 for a pedicure! You can’t get a better price!!! 🤗
A little “Friday the 13th” on Friday the 13th!
cute summer polka dots!
Tonights pretties!
gray and purple sparkles
Wintery sparkly white
Wintery nails!!
Photos from Mrs. Hippies Nails's post
Photos from Mrs. Hippies Nails's post
Photos from Mrs. Hippies Nails's post
Frosty the snowman!! Blue is fun in the winter!!!
Mrs. Hippies Nails Always fun with Teresa!!
I sculpted these nails tonight on a nail biter....not what I am accustomed to but I think they turned out 1/2 way decent! Thanks Jennifer for trusting me!
Always fun with Teresa!!
Some nails from the weekend.

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