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Definitely have not been on in a long time. I am making a promise to myself that I make a post at least once a week! First post! I’m in love with the new matte colors in shades eq one of Redkens best lines!
Kate Holloway Master Colorist
Kate Holloway Master Colorist
Neon red to a strawberry blonde! In love with the turn out!
Hair Stylists 💯
Loving this class!! #redken #haircolorauthority
Some pictures of the #samvilla class in May that I attended!!
[06/09/16]   So excited for this weekend to attend my next #redkenauthority program!! Going to learn as much as possible and use all of it behind the chair!!!
[05/16/16]   So excited today I am making the step to change I am going to start to publish everything related to this page and dedicate more time to this page! I hope to be able to educate new clients on the new things that I am learning and gain new clients!!
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Couple of picture of the loving and exciting work I do!!
[12/12/12]   Working on Updating and getting this page moving!!
Kate Holloway Master Colorist's cover photo
[10/06/12]   Hey everyone!! I moved!!!! I am going back to school and I am going to work at my moms new salon!!! Located at 8100 lewis avenue, not far from toledo!! If your interested in following me call 734 224 7212

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Kate Holloway Master Colorist

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